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BeitragVerfasst am: 30.04.2018 06:25    Titel: TÝR Antworten mit Zitat

Neues von Týr. Das neue Album ist fertig aufgenommen, muss jetzt noch abgemischt und gemastert werden. Im Mai geht es auf US-Tour, und wie schon vor zwei Jahren angekündigt, lässt es sich der olle Paule nicht nehmen, wieder zu Protesten und zu Boykott aufzurufen.


Pilot Whale and Dolphin Killers From The Faroe Islands Are On Their Way To North America

The TYR US/Canadian Tour 2018

We must do everything we can to discourage the people sponsoring these venues or at least protest them. The cruelty and the savagery this band promotes must be opposed.

This band is a disgrace to heavy metal music. They write and sing songs glorifying the massacre of thousands of marine mammals. And even worse they physically participate in the slaughter.

The frontman of Faroe band TYR, Heri Joensen, who has propagated the annual killing of pilot whales ("Grindadrap"), participated in slaughter of marine mammals and glorified the slaughter in songs of his band, decided to visit US and Canada in May 2018 to bring 22 shows.

Hery Joensen made pro-whaling statements in interview since 2004.

Heri Joensen published whale dinner pictures several times in facebook and stated he had killed more than 100 sheep.

In his song "Rainbow Warrior" Heri Joensen wishes marine environmental people to be sunk in the ocean.

The song states that I should be drowned in the sea.

A photo with him and a slain pilot whale posted by Joensen himself on his facebook page on July 27, 2016 and wrote:

"Real men kill their own meat like this long-fined pilot whale."
Heri Joensen, loud-mouthed and in the tradition of pseudo-Viking poseurs, released two youtube videos in which he glorifies and justifies the slaughter of pilot whales. He has become the most prominent whaler of the Faroe Islands.

Following numerous protests and a shitstorm on social media, TYR were banned from 10 venues in Germany and Netherlands and demonstrations took place outside of four other clubs on during their European tour in the fall of 2016, because the owners did not want to give their stage to a cold-blooded whale slayer for their propaganda.

It was a shock for Heri, he and his boys love blood and gore and death fantasies or at least that is the imagery they try to present with their “music”.

Heri may be seen as a hero on that collection of moss covered rocks in the North Atlantic for wading into the blood and gore and boasting of his passion for cruelty and death, but outside of the Faroe Islands he’s simply a blood thirsty thug.

Heri Joensen uses his “music” to promote the killing of pilot whales and dolphins so it is only fair that we use his “music” to oppose the despicable grindadrap (the murder of whales). By counts, at least 1,203 pilot whales and 488 dolphins were killed during 24 individual hunts in the summer of 2017, making it one of the bloodiest years since the mid-1990s.

It Is Up To Us To Put An End To This Bloodthursty Games.

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